How Online Defensive Driving Works

Typically a defensive driving course, also known as an accident prevention course, gives traffic violators an opportunity to reduce points from their driving record. However, in a few states, including New York, you don’t necessarily need to have a traffic ticket to benefit from taking a defensive driving course. You can complete the course to become a safer driver and take advantage of huge insurance savings. Enroll in our online course today to receive a guaranteed 10% insurance discount. This isn’t an option available in most states, so don’t miss out on the potential savings.

The NYS DMV’s goal is to have safer roads by teaching New Yorkers fundamental driving skills and how New York State traffic laws work. This is why the NYS DMV has made taking the defensive driving course convenient by providing the IPIRP option, also known as an internet point and insurance reduction program. By taking the IPIRP course online, reducing points from your record or just reducing your insurance rate is instantly simpler.

How the Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program Works:

  1. Register for the accident prevention course
  2. Complete the 6 hour course at your own pace
  3. When you’re done, New York Driver will notify the New York Department of Motor Vehicles and send you a certificate that you can show your insurance company to receive a discount

New York Department of Motor Vehicles Requirements:

According to New York State traffic laws, no matter what insurance plan or provider you use, you are entitled to an auto insurance discount and opportunity for point reduction. There aren’t many requirements for you to be eligible for all of our course benefits.

Here is what you need to know before enrolling:

  • You must have a valid New York driver’s license
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You can complete the course every 3 years to renew your insurance discount
  • If you receive a ticket, you can take the course for point reduction only once every 18 months