Insurance Discount Guarantee

Did you know that when you complete New York Driver’s online defensive driving course you’ll receive a 10% car insurance discount for 3 years? Defensive driving isn’t just for people who get traffic tickets; anyone can take the course for this insurance reduction. No quote or specific insurance policy or provider is needed. New York is one of the only states that guarantee this discount, so don’t miss out on easy saving.

The average insurance premium in New York is about $1,200 per year and has consistently increased over the last decade. A number of factors affect insurance rates including number of urban areas, traffic conditions, auto thefts, and number of car insurance companies competing for business. It’s no surprise New York’s rates rank high compared to other states.

Although 10% off insurance may sound like a low percentage, when translated into a dollar amount over the course of a few years, it often adds up to hundreds of dollars saved. If you have multiple drivers on your insurance policy make sure they each take the course to substantially lower the total insurance policy payment. The insurance discount for taking defensive driving is also especially beneficial if you have a high insurance premium because of past car accidents or points on your record for speeding tickets.

The New York DMV guarantees that all graduates of approved defensive driving courses are entitled to an insurance reduction, so you have nothing to lose. And now with the option of taking the defensive driving course online, you can easily get your insurance discount by taking the course on the go and at your own pace. You can also contact us to attend a class in person if you prefer to complete the class in one day. Once you’re done, we’ll mail you your certificate of completion and you’ll receive your auto insurance discount. We’ll also send you a reminder 3 years after you finish the course to enroll again and renew your discount.