Defensive Driving Class

The Point and Insurance Reduction Program can be taken in a classroom or online through any of the New York DMV’s approved course sponsors. Each course goes over a variety of topics that will provide you with the skills needed to become a safer driver. You’ll be surprised to find out you may not know as much about traffic safety as you think. Other than the immediate benefits of an insurance discount and point reduction, studies show course graduates are in fewer accidents and have fewer traffic violations. With such far reaching benefits, taking a New York defensive driving course is a no brainer.

New York Driver offers a defensive driving classroom experience for those who may want to complete the course in a single day and have a more social interaction with fellow classmates and an instructor. Although our online defensive driving course gives you the option of working at your own pace, our online option does not give you the opportunity to ask an instructor questions or meet new people. Sharing the New York defensive driving course experience with others may be something that can enhance your learning and make your day more enjoyable. Both a defensive driving class and online defensive driving will provide you with the same insurance and point reduction benefits.

Registering for an in-person defensive driving class is simple. Just call one of our instructors from our list found at “Need a Class” to find out when they’ll be holding a class near you. Some instructors require that you pre-register so they know how many people are coming to their defensive driving class. Once the class is over, your instructor will report your graduation to New York Driver and we’ll process the graduation with the DMV and send you an official printed certificate.

Defensive driving classes are usually separated over two days or a single weekend day. Prices for in-person classes vary depending on location and sometimes lunch may be included. If you are with an organization or group, one of our instructors can come to you and even provide a special group rate. If you are looking for a driving school in Brooklyn or a driving school in the Bronx, please give us a call and we may be able to organize a class for you.

Like the online course, the classroom course requires 320 minutes of instruction. This includes a driving related lecture, student activities, group discussion and educational videos. No formal testing is required to pass the course, but you’ll have the option of recording what you learn in our easy to follow workbook.

Please note that completing a defensive driving class does not prevent a mandatory suspension of your license, you’ll still need to pay for your ticket if you have one, and you cannot use the 4 point reduction towards future driver violation points.